Fancy Itch

by Forest of Tongue

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Forest of Tongue was founded during a Long Beach summer when singer-songwriter/guitar-shredder Joel Jasper connected with blitzy drummer Zach Mabry and invented their flavor of thrashy loop rock. Joel Jasper embraced his looping pedal as a tool to fill his punchy melodic songs with layered guitars and keyboards. During performances, Jasper looped the textured elements on the spot alongside the innovative and precisely-percussive drumming of Mabry, developing an impressively large sound for two sonically-experimental teenagers.

Since 2008, Forest of Tongue has been performing across Long Beach and Los Angeles at established venues, house shows, warehouses, underground parking garages, and other unique spaces. With the same DIY-punk spirit, they spent early 2012 self-recording their first album Body Pains. In March 2012, they self-released the album in a packed out performance at (what would later become) Porch Party Records.

In the summer of 2014, after a brief hiatus due to other music projects, Forest of Tongue reunited. In a fit of inspiration, exploding from the intense stress of a bug infested household, Jasper and Mabry wrote a completely new batch of sticky songs in under 3 weeks- unintentionally creating the gummy backdrop of the new full-length Fancy Itch.

The weekend after writing the new songs, Forest of Tongue played the album live in its entirety at the legendary Long Beach venue Alex’s Bar. Shortly after, the band met up with producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist J.P. Bendzinski (Crystal Antlers, DeLux) to record the album. After one long sweaty weekend in Bendzinski’s living room and garage, the core of the songs were finished.

Bendzinski hustled in his studio mixing and mastering in the months to follow. While hearing the record on continuous repeat, Bendzinski felt the itch- his love for their unconventional sound made him want to join the band as a permanent member. Bendzinski adding bass opened up a new spectrum of dynamic range for Forest of Tongue. After a year of molding these candyland recordings, drenched in the full sound that they deserve, the songs are ready to be experienced in their entirety as Fancy Itch. Born from influences such as Deerhoof, Animal Collective, and Sonic Youth, Forest of Tongue is screeching beautifully into a dark chocolate world of gumdrop thrash-pop.

Song Premiere - Tiny Mix Tapes
"“Dark Chocolate,” sounds a lot like Deerhoof and the Muppets band ate marzipan intestines soaked in PCP, and an hour later reduced themselves to a pile of blood, splinters of resonant wood, and polyester fur."

Song Review - Notes From Left Of The Dial
“experimental indie candy gumdrop rock…pop music coated in barbiturates and mood enhancers…guitars warble and shake, while drums are beat to death in a confined space. You've never heard anything quite like this before.”

“Forest of Tongue mercurially flows in and out of idiosyncratic rhythms, exhibiting the instrumental chops of both guitarist/vocalist Joel Jasper and drummer Zach Mabry. More importantly, the two members play exceptionally well together, continually trading impressive licks but never drifting astray or slipping into a directionless abyss.”
-Long Beach Independent

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released 11 August 2015

Joel Jasper - vocals, guitar
Zach Mabry - drums
J.P. Bendzinski - bass, guitar, keys


released August 11, 2015

Produced/Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by J.P. Bendzinski

Photos by Linnea Stephan

All songs written and recorded by Forest of Tongue



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